What is IVR or "Interactive Voice Response"?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, and represents software applications accessible from a telephone. Simply put, an IVR system lets callers obtain, exchange, or input information with a computer via touch-tone phone without a human intermediary. IVR systems automates the input and/or retrieval of information. IVR systems are perfect for businesses looking to boost their productivity and/or achieve cost savings.

At a more advanced level IVR’s brings together a combination of voice, database, intelligent call management, Text-To-Speech (Translates text language into speech), Speaker Verification (recognizes who is talking), Conferencing, Voice XML (links Web and IVR applications), Speech Recognition (see ASR below), reporting, fax, email, network technologies, and other media to deliver effective solutions that create a value add and/or a cost saving to a businesses bottom line. In many implementations, IVR’s provide customers with 24-hour a day, 7-day a week access to business information and various services through a simple touch-tone telephone.

IVR systems have been around for over a decade. We've all encountered IVR systems when we've called the bank to get an account balance, or an airline to check flight arrival/availability, or voice mail. Voice mail in it self is an IVR system. There are hundreds of uses for IVR applications. Below are just a few of the Industries were IVR application technologies are used.


Credit Card Account information, Stock Trading, Financial Bank Transaction.


Order entry and status, Training center, Automated Attendant, Call Centers


Course Registration, Student Registration


Ticket Sales, Sports Schedule, Interactive TV, News Clipping


Vehicle Registration, Tax Office, Ticket Citation Payment

Health Care

Bed Checking, Time and attendance verification, Home Care Check-in


Certification and Testing, Component availability, Order Entry and Status

Telephone Company

Third Party Verification, Conferencing, Cellular Feature Activation, Cellular Roaming, Line Testing


Airline Fly Status, Airline Scheduling, Shipping line global checking


Dealer or Store Locator, Order and shipping tracking, Directory Assistance, Order Processing, Market Research (surveys and polls), order entry transactions


Automated Dialers

What is ASR or "Automated Speech Recognition"?

ASR stands for Automated Speech Recognition and is also referred to as (SR) Speech Recognition. ASR is the latest advanced technology to apply to IVR (and other technologies) ASR provides the ability to offer an alternative interface to interacting with an IVR system. ASR is process by which computer software recognizes and interprets, naturally flowing utterances from a wide variety of users. The ASR system recognizes a specific speech pattern and interprets it into an action. Instead of a user pressing a key on a telephone phone to instruct the system on a specific action to perform, the system recognized naturally spoken words. ASR allows us to interact with devices in our spoken language.

Who can help you evaluate and Implement these technologies?

Interactive Telesis has over a decade of experience designing, implementing, and supporting IVR and ASR technologies. Interactive Telesis is a market leader in IVR and ASR technology. The products and services we offer are some of the best in the industry. If you do not find a product or service we offer that meets your requirements, please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas and innovative ways to implement IVR and ASR technologies.

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