• Available 24/7
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Continuous back-up of data - fully redundant systems
  • Complete data integration
  • Control recording from any touch-tone phone
  • Digital system for high quality voice recordings
  • Superior reporting capabilities
  • Permanent storage available
  • Web interface allows search, playback and download of records over the Internet
  • Compliance with FCC and state anti-slamming rules
  • Recordings are stored in a secured environment


  • Significant Savings - Our automated approach provides savings of up to 75% vs. traditional live operator services.
  • Total Customization of Call Scripts - Interactive Telesis offers a professional consultation for designing your call flow and script. Upon request, we will customize the IVR call script to meet your verification guidelines.
  • Instant Access & Retrieval of Verifications - Interactive Telesis provides immediate access for verification playback. We offer a password protected web-based interface for easy retrieval of verifications.
  • No Special Equipment Required - No special equipment to buy or maintain. Any touchtone telephone can be used to access the service.

Digital Third Party Verification

Cost Effective, Reliable Solution

Interactive Telesis’ TPV services are among the most cost-effective and reliable in the industry. Our TPV services are perfect for telephony service providers, energy service providers, and order based telemarketing firms. Our TPV applications are IVR based using touch-tone (DTMF) and audio recording. Our custom designed applications work seamlessly to complete all verifications in a call center environment. Interactive Telesis’ TPV services are far less expensive than live verification solutions. Our applications have the features you need to tailor a verification solution to meet your specific needs.

Who Needs a Third Party Verifier?

Telephone companies and telemarketing companies are required by state and federal regulators to use a third party verification service when selling products or services over the phone. Merchants who take ACH check payments over the phone are also required to receive recorded authorizations. . If your company is required to provide third party verification, give us a call. We'll custom design a solution that’s right for you.

How it Works

Our customers dial into their TPV application via a toll-free number. They follow the prompts, conference in the customer, and off they go to the next sale. It’s just that simple.

Need to review or audit a TPV? Our web-enabled and dial-in capabilities provide instant verification and auditing of each transaction. Archived data is available within 24 hours, and in some cases look-up is as easy as logging onto the web or picking up the phone. We archive all records and store them for three years, unless otherwise specified.

To learn more about our Third Party Verification services, please call 800-931-5050.

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