• Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Self administration via IVR (DTMF)or web
  • Dial-in access 24/7
  • Self administration via IVR (Telephone) or web
  • Password/passcode protection
  • 99 property listings per agent
  • Unlimited recording length
  • Customizable greeting capabilities
  • Call transfer by agent or property listing
  • Call Transfer by time of day call routing
  • Property information via fax or email
  • Immidiate / daily notification of callers
  • Alternate languages available


  • No Equipment Required- Interactive Telesis maintains the hardware and software. No telecom hassles. We handle it all for you - saving you additional overhead costs.
  • Service Level Agreement- Level III maintenance ensures a secure and consistent system.
  • Instant Scalability- Telephony hardware that expands to fit your needs.

Phone Real Estate™

Looking to increase your sales? No Problem.

Phone Real Estate is an enabling technology for the real estate industry. Phone Real Estate makes a digital audio description of your real estate properties for playback via phone. Phone Real Estate provides your potential client an “on demand” audio walk through.

Phone Real Estate lets you make sure those who are inquiring about properties, have the information they need -- and they can access it at their own convenience. Daily reports of caller activity are generated showing name, address, and phone number of the person calling on the property. Demographics are maintained by zip code. We send these reports to you via email or fax on a schedule of your choice.

Real-estate agents report that Phone Real Estate has greatly improved their sales leads. Phone Real Estate is an efficient way of separating those who may be just “taking a look,” from those who really want to buy. Phone Real Estate increases listings. Many of the potential callers do not have a real estate agent. Thanks to Phone Real Estate, now they do, YOU.

Total Access - Anytime from Anywhere

Phone Real Estate is not only convenient; it is easy to use. Multiple users via a toll-free number or direct dial line can access Phone Real Estate at any time of day or night. Interactive Telesis IVR and web-based services can help you enhance your real estate offerings, establish new customers, and increase your sales.


Callers will enjoy Phone Real Estates simple touch-tone interface. Callers have the option of listening to an audio walk through; receive property information via fax, or via email. At any time during the audio session, callers have the option to pause, forward or rewind. The ability to navigate quickly through the audio session promotes higher information retention. Once a caller is finished with the walk through, they are given the opportunity to transfer to the real estate listing agent or representative.

To learn more about Phone Real Estate services, please call 800-931-5050.